Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bay Buchanan at UWM!

Conservative pundit and sister of Pat Buchanan, Bay Buchanan, came to deliver a speech entitled "The Failure of Feminism". I, of course, decided to show up with the UWM feminists from VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood.

Less that thirty people showed up, which was too bad. But on the up side, I got to ask her a question. I also got to speak with her after the event. In addition, I got some good photos and a little bit of video. Hopefully, I'll get all my videos on this computer soon. I'm still working on it. I have video of John Edwards, Howard Dean, Dennis Kucinich, and Barack Obama.

Her speech on feminism were the usual complaints about abortion, divorce, and promiscuous sex. She spoke briefly on immigration, leadership, and the 2008 election, too. I was so happy when she declared that there was "no excitement in the Republican Party for John McCain". Eventually she got to answer questions. Several members of VOX challenged her abortion stance for the most part, she held her own. The questions got a little silly at times -- from a guy who asked the question twice about why being a "moderate" was the best political position, to even a Ron Paul fanatic!

The highlight of my night was when I asked her a question. I first asked how her brother (Pat Buchanan) was and if "he was going to run for president again?". She laughed and said that she "never knows" what he's up to. Then I brought the hammer down.

I then said, "In your speech, you said that you believe that abortion is the single most selfish act is abortion and that you couldn't thing of anything more selfish. Might I suggest that rape is?"

The room was silent and her tone changed immediately. She said that because rape is a criminal act that is wasn't comparable. She then gave the talking points about how terrible abortion is. But she acknowledged that I had a good point. And that was important because she stressed that everyone should acknowledge when their opponents have a good point.

After speaking to her for awhile afterwards, I remembered that I am not a complete partisan. There are some traditional conservative beliefs that I agree with (such as securing the border). And both Bay and Pat Buchanan hold some liberal beliefs (like Fair Trade). So it was really refreshing to see a conservative give a speech with some points that I could agree with.

Here's a photo from the event...
Yep, I'm also surprised she posed with me!

All in all, it was a good time. I got everything I hope for when I go see speakers. So now my list of political figures I have seen can now include Bay Buchanan.

-Mr. Joseph

Also, I found out that David "Democrats are worse than terrorists" Horowitz will becoming to UWM in late April. I plan to attend that, but I doubt I will enjoy it as much as this one.