Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Feingold Pushes Plan to Cut Off War Funds

United States Senator Russ Feingold continues his efforts to bring the troops home...

From The Politico

Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., has scheduled a hearing next Tuesday in his Judiciary Committee subcommittee to explore whether Congress has the authority to cut off funding for the U.S. military campaign in Iraq. The move comes as Congress prepares to vote on a congressional resolution opposing President Bush's escalation of the war.

Feingold, a fierce war critic, will force Democrats to consider an option many consider politically suicidal: cutting off funds for the military campaign in Iraq. Democratic leaders have privately called on members to restrain from seeking any funding restrictions and focus instead on congressional resolutions condemning the Bush policy. The resolutions are nonbinding and therefore symbolic.

Republicans "would like this debate to be as whether or not we are going to be cutting off money for the troops," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently told The Politico. "The logical conclusion is that a lot of things can happen. But right now, the most important thing is to tell the president that what he has done with the escalation is wrong. And that's what we are doing, bi-partisanly."

Feingold, who chairs the Subcommittee on the Constitution, will question several witnesses, including a Library of Congress official and legal experts from Harvard, Duke, and the University of Virginia, on the issue. Senior Bush administration officials have publicly argued that Congress has no such right, but Feingold plans to introduce legislation to force President Bush to pull American forces out of the troubled country.

"Congress holds the power of the purse and if the president continues to advance his failed Iraq policy, we have the responsibility to use that power to safely redeploy our troops from Iraq," Feingold said in a statement released by his office on Thursday. "I will soon be introducing legislation to use the power of the purse to end what is clearly one of the greatest mistakes in the history of the nation's foreign policy."

LINK: Feingold Pushes Plan to Cut Off War Funds

- Mr. Joseph

President Bush: ‘I’m The Decision-Maker’ ...

...As opposed to "the decider"...

Think Progress...

In remarks to reporters this morning, President Bush said he would ignore Congress’ opposition to his escalation plan, saying, “I’m the decision-maker.”


One of the things I found in Congress is that most people recognize that failure would be a disaster for the United States, and — I’m the decision-maker. I had to come up with a way forward that precluded disaster.

VIDEO / LINK: President Bush: ‘I’m The Decision-Maker’

Our President...

-Mr. Joseph

Katherine Harris Sighting...

This is just too funny...


She may have given up her House seat to run a losing campaign for the Senate, but that doesn't mean former Florida Rep. Katherine Harris actually has to leave the House.

See, as a former representative, she keeps floor rights and she used them to the hilt Tuesday night before President Bush's State of the Union address. Our chief photodog, Charlie Archambault, caught her mingling on the Republican side and even handing out business cards.

GOP insiders say she still has a place in Washington and is penning a book. Recall that she lost her bid to unseat Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson in what was widely perceived as a bumbling campaign. But don't count her out: We've met her a couple of times, and she always seems on her game and mulling her future ventures.

LINK: And You Thought Katherine Harris Lost

Those pictures are just ridiculous...

-Mr. Joseph

Jon Stewart vs. FOX News ...again

Crooks and Liars put this great clip up...


You knew it was only a matter of time before The Daily Show weighed in on FOX's Obama smear and boy, was it a doozy. Instead of summarizing, I'll just leave you with this instantly classic line…

"By the way, I actually believe the last time that Doocy used the phrase "this is huge" is when he and Hannity were caught in the broom closet at the Christmas party giving each other a sloppy Cronkite. What? You never had a sloppy Cronkite?!"

VIDEO / LINK: Jon Stewart Rips Apart FNC

-Mr. Joseph

Al Franken to Run in 2008!

From the Boston Globe...
Comedian Al Franken has decided to run for the U.S. Senate from Minnesota in 2008, a senior Democratic official from Minnesota said Wednesday.

Franken told the official, who did not want to be identified because Franken has not made an announcement, that he had decided to run in a recent conversation.

Andy Barr, the political director of Franken's Midwest Values Political Action Committee, declined to comment.

The news was not unexpected. Franken has been calling members of the Minnesota congressional delegation to get their input on a run, and he announced this week that he would be leaving his show on Air America Radio on Feb. 14. He told listeners he would be making a decision on a race soon.

In a statement, Minnesota Republican Party Chairman Ron Carey said he was confident Minnesotans "will reject Franken's divisive, scorched-earth attacks." The state Democratic Party declined to comment.

Should he win the Democratic primary in Minnesota, Franken would take on Republican Norm Coleman, a first-term senator who is among the Democrats' top targets. Coleman declined to comment Wednesday.

Franken, 55, was born in New York City, like Coleman, but grew up in St. Louis Park, a suburb of Minneapolis. He was a performer and writer on television's "Saturday Night Live" before writing best-selling books combining humor and politics.

His PAC raised nearly $1 million last year. Although Franken can't use that money for his Senate campaign, it shows he shouldn't have a problem raising money.

Coleman reported about $1.7 million in his bank account as of Dec. 31.

Franken faces major challenges, said Larry Jacobs, a political science professor at the University of Minnesota. Besides needing to establish himself as a serious candidate, Franken has staked out left-wing policies that make it questionable whether he can win independent voters, Jacobs said.
LINK: Comedian Al Franken to run for Senate

"Air America Radio was rescued from bankruptcy yesterday, but still faces the impending loss of Al Franken, its most popular talker. "
LINK: Franken to leave Air America after network sale

I hope he officially announces it soon!

-Mr. Joseph

Molly Ivins, R.I.P.

Syndicated columnist Molly Ivins died today at the age of 62, due to breast cancer...

Breitbart has the story...
Best-selling author and columnist Molly Ivins, the sharp-witted liberal who skewered the political establishment and referred to President Bush as "Shrub," died Wednesday after a long battle with breat cancer. She was 62.

David Pasztor, managing editor of the Texas Observer, confirmed her death.

The writer, who made a living poking fun at Texas politicians, whether they were in her home base of Austin or the White House, revealed in early 2006 that she was being treated for breast cancer for the third time.

More than 400 newspapers subscribed to her nationally syndicated column, which combined strong liberal views and populist-toned humor. Ivins' illness did not seem to hurt her ability to deliver biting one- liners.

"I'm sorry to say (cancer) can kill you but it doesn't make you a better person," she said in an interview with the San Antonio Express- News in September, the same month cancer claimed her friend former Gov. Ann Richards.

To Ivins, "liberal" wasn't an insult term. "Even I felt sorry for Richard Nixon when he left; there's nothing you can do about being born liberal _ fish gotta swim and hearts gotta bleed," she wrote in a column included in her 1998 collection, "You Got to Dance With Them What Brung You."

In a column in mid-January, Ivins urged readers to stand up against Bush's plan to send more troops to Iraq.

"We are the people who run this country. We are the deciders. And every single day, every single one of us needs to step outside and take some action to help stop this war," Ivins wrote in the Jan. 11 column. "We need people in the streets, banging pots and pans and demanding, 'Stop it, now!'"

Ivins' best-selling books included those she co-authored with Lou Dubose about Bush. One was titled "Shrub: The Short but Happy Political Life of George W. Bush" and another was "BUSHWHACKED: Life in George W. Bush's America."

Ivins' jolting satire was directed at people in positions of power. She maintained that aiming it at the powerless would be cruel.

"The trouble with blaming powerless people is that although it's not nearly as scary as blaming the powerful, it does miss the point," she wrote in a 1997 column. "Poor people do not shut down factories ... Poor people didn't decide to use `contract employees' because they cost less and don't get any benefits."
LINK: Molly Ivins Dies of Cancer at 62


LINK: Molly Ivins Tribute

May she rest in peace...

-Mr. Joseph

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

O'Reilly vs. Colbert: Aftermath...

About Political Humor and Crooks and Liars followed this "fight"...

Political Humor:
Watch video clips of Stephen Colbert appearing on Bill O'Reilly's show, and Bill O'Reilly appearing on Stephen Colbert's show, in what Colbert described as a "meeting of the guts."
LINK: Colbert on O'Reilly, O'Reilly on Colbert
Colbert was in full right-wing, well-intentioned, poorly informed, high-status-idiot-mode and kept O'Reilly on the ropes while getting in a few good jabs — like ripping on Bill's ancient audience.

To put this nonsensical myth to death, although O'Reilly refers to Daily Show viewers as "stoned slackers," MSNBC found that Daily Show viewers are actually more educated than those who watch The Factor. No-spin, indeed.

VIDEO / LINK: Colbert on the O’Reilly Factor

VIDEO / LINK: “Papa Bear” O’Reilly on the Colbert Report

Keith Olberman even weighed in...

Keith breaks down rounds 1 & 2 of Colbert vs. O'Reilly with Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane.
VIDEO / LINK: Olbermann Dissects Colbert vs. O’Reilly

And then there was this...
I didn't bother adding this to the "Papa Bear" post last night because I thought it was a joke. Alas, it wasn't.

From ABC News:

It may have been a greater error allowing Colbert into the Fox News headquarters, located near the "Colbert Report" studios in Manhattan. There, Colbert smuggled a microwave out of the green room, a bounty which he proudly displayed at the conclusion of his show.

A spokesman for Fox News confirmed that Colbert stole the microwave, but said it was all in good fun.

HuffPo has more:

According to FNC spokeswoman Irena Briganti, Colbert told O'Reilly off-camera of his plan to take the microwave from the Green Room. "We were well aware of it and entirely amused - it was all in good fun," said Briganti in an email earlier today. "We honestly just thought the whole thing was hysterical."

LINK: Colbert Stole O’Reilly’s Microwave

I loved the 30% off sticker...
-Mr. Joseph

FNC Humor: "...droppable, to say the least"

I predict a lot of really bad things coming from this show...

Radar Online
Breathe easy, Jon Stewart. It's looking like the satire program billed as Fox News Channel's answer to The Daily Show will combine the timeliness of Newsweek with the incisive wit of Mallard Fillmore. So far, Fox has taped two episodes of The Half-Hour News Hour, as the show is being called. (Its working title, This Just In, had to be scrapped, as AOL has a broadband channel with that name.)

Producer Joel Surnow, whose credits also include 24, has described the show as a cross between Comedy Central's Daily Show and Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" segment. A source who attended the tapings describes the format as far more similar to the latter, with a two-anchor setup and skits interspersed with the talking-head segments. "It was hit and miss—some stuff was inspired, and some was droppable, to say the least," says the source. Not surprisingly, he adds, most of the jokes had a conservative slant.

Comedians Kurt Long and Susan Yeagley share anchor duties, and toss to a cast of correspondents that includes original Daily Show cast member Brian Unger. Guests so far have included Rush Limbaugh (who bragged about appearing in a skit as the president, with Ann Coulter as his vice president), comedian Dom Irrera, and original Hollywood Squares host Peter Marshall. While early reports on the show promised a January debut, as of now, no air date has been set.

LINK: FNC's Daily Show Rip-off Falls Flat



It sounds like Rush Limbaugh is making an appearance in FNC's news satire pilot:
"I went out and did some television Saturday in Los Angeles," the radio host said on Monday. "There's a new show that probably will air soon, I'm not sure when, but it's called The Half Hour NewsHour. That's the working title of it now. I guess that's subject to change. Well, actually it's not, because if it changes I gotta go back out there, but nevertheless it's a parody newscast, takeoff on liberal media newscasts, and I play the president of the United States in the opening segments of this program.
I went out and shot three takes. Ann Coulter is the vice president. (laughing) It's hilarious. The whole thing is hilarious..."
LINK: Rush Tapes Intro For FNC's News Satire?

-Mr. Joseph

UPDATE (12/9/07):
Crooks and Liars...
FOX Opinion Channels dreadful “Half Hour News Hour,” billed as the “right-wing answer to ‘The Daily Show;” has been canceled. It was really only a matter of time, wasn’t it?

Let’s take a look back at the show’s awful and short-lived life:

The Half Hour News Hour: Still Not Funny

Fox News 1/2 Hour News Hour Goes From Bad To Worse

Half Hour News Hour - Still Waiting For The Funny

LINK: R.I.P: FOX’s “Half Hour News Hour” Canceled

Bush's State of the Union 2007

"Congress has changed," President Bush said, acknowledging the new Democratic majority, "but our responsibilities have not." (NY Times)

There was a lot of chatter on the internet after Bush's State of the Union address...

Here are some stories that stuck out to me...

Think Progress
conducted a real-time fact-check of this year’s State of the Union address...

VIDEO / LINK: VIDEO: The Annotated State Of The Union

Think Progress
also noted Sen. Jim Webb's response...


The President took us into this war recklessly. He disregarded warnings from the national security adviser during the first Gulf War, the chief of staff of the army, two former commanding generals of the Central Command, whose jurisdiction includes Iraq, the director of operations on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and many, many others with great integrity and long experience in national security affairs. We are now, as a nation, held hostage to the predictable — and predicted — disarray that has followed.

The war’s costs to our nation have been staggering. Financially. The damage to our reputation around the world. The lost opportunities to defeat the forces of international terrorism. And especially the precious blood of our citizens who have stepped forward to serve.

The majority of the nation no longer supports the way this war is being fought; nor does the majority of our military. We need a new direction. Not one step back from the war against international terrorism. Not a precipitous withdrawal that ignores the possibility of further chaos. But an immediate shift toward strong regionally-based diplomacy, a policy that takes our soldiers off the streets of Iraq’s cities, and a formula that will in short order allow our combat forces to leave Iraq.

On both of these vital issues, our economy and our national security, it falls upon those of us in elected office to take action.

Regarding the economic imbalance in our country, I am reminded of the situation President Theodore Roosevelt faced in the early days of the 20th century. America was then, as now, drifting apart along class lines. The so-called robber barons were unapologetically raking in a huge percentage of the national wealth. The dispossessed workers at the bottom were threatening revolt.

Roosevelt spoke strongly against these divisions. He told his fellow Republicans that they must set themselves “as resolutely against improper corporate influence on the one hand as against demagogy and mob rule on the other.” And he did something about it.

As I look at Iraq, I recall the words of former general and soon-to-be President Dwight Eisenhower during the dark days of the Korean War, which had fallen into a bloody stalemate. “When comes the end?” asked the General who had commanded our forces in Europe during World War Two. And as soon as he became President, he brought the Korean War to an end.

These Presidents took the right kind of action, for the benefit of the American people and for the health of our relations around the world. Tonight we are calling on this President to take similar action, in both areas. If he does, we will join him. If he does not, we will be showing him the way.

Thank you for listening. And God bless America.

VIDEO / LINK: Webb: If Bush Doesn’t Take The ‘Right Kind Of Action…We Will Be Showing Him The Way’

On a lighter note...

Think Progress and MSNBC's Tucker Carlson (on Hardblogger) note that John McCain had fell asleep...

VIDEO / LINK: TP: McCain falls asleep during the State of the Union?

Tucker Carlson:
"If you’re McCain, who will be over 70 by 2008, you’ll want to make doubly sure to demonstrate your alertness and vigor. You definitely won’t want to slump in your seat, out cold, when Bush starts talking about Iraq. And yet that’s exactly what McCain did tonight, napping on camera for ten agonizing seconds. Lack of self-control? An expression of contempt? Embarrassing in any case."
LINK: Carlson: Lack of self-control? An expression of contempt? Embarrassing in any case.

While McCain slept, Speaker Nancy Pelosi blinked...
"What was worth commenting on, however, was the contrast in blinks per minute between Pelosi and Cheney. While Pelosi clocked a good 25-30 blinks per minute, Cheney barely mustered 3 or 4."
LINK: Watching the SOTU Speech on ABC

And, of course About Political Humor got some great videoes regarding the speech...
"Check out a funny State of the Union spoof video by Bush impersonator James Adomian (a worthy sequel to last year's version), plus watch President Bush talk tough and threaten the world in this remixed version of one of Bush's previous State of the Union addresses.

See also: The Daily Show's preview of the State of the Union address, featuring a matchup between two bitter rivals: Bush and words.

Late-Night Jokes
"President Bush addressed the nation tonight. He talked about how we can save energy, how we can still win the war in Iraq and then gave a beautiful rendition of 'Wind Beneath My Wings.' Randy and Paula were in tears." --Jimmy Kimmel

"Down in Washington, DC, there was the annual State of the Union address. ... The speech was so dull. Behind President Bush, Nancy Pelosi and Dick Cheney were making out." --David Letterman

Read more late-night jokes..."
LINK: State of the Union Parody Videos

And then this...
"From the official State of the Union Drinking Game...
Every time Bush says:
“nukular” – 1 drink
"Bring it on" = Arm-wrestle the person next to you; loser drinks
Detainees = 1 drink, with your hands behind your back
"illegal immigration" = 1 shot of cerveza/tequila
"sectarian violence" = 1 Car Bomb
“Mark Foley” = one shot of Scotch, aged 16 years
"macaca" = Invite George Allen for a drink - he doesn't have anything better to do
Every time Bush...
praises a Democrat by name = 1 drink
....if that Democrat is not Joe Lieberman = 3 drinks
Every time the camera shows...
a close-up on Nancy Pelosi = 1 shot, taken without moving any facial muscles

Read more at Drinking, plus check out alternate State of the Union drinking games from political comedian Will Durst and Wonkette. Or if you prefer to cry in your beer in the company of like-minded lefties, you can partake in a Drinking Liberally State of the Union Party, featuring bingo cards.

State of the Union: The Bushism Version
With the help of our Bushisms collection, the San Francisco Chronicle presents an amusing State of the Union address parody, constructed entirely from classic Bush verbal gaffes and other inane presidential utterances:

Mr. Speaker, Vice President Cheney, members of Congress, distinguished citizens and fellow citizens:

This is historic times.

The past is over. There may be some tough times here in America. But this country has gone through tough times before, and we're going to do it again...

I think the American people -- I hope the American — I don't think, let me — I hope the American people trust me. Read more...

The State of the Union and Groundhog Day
This one originally circulated a couple of years ago, but is making the rounds again:
This year, both Groundhog Day and the State of the Union address occur on the same day. As Air America Radio pointed out, "It is an ironic juxtaposition of events: one involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to a creature of little intelligence for prognostication, while the other involves a groundhog."
Read more funny forwards..."
LINK: State of the Union Drinking Game

Just think, he only has one more after this...

-Mr. Joseph

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Al Franken Seeks Advice for '08 Senate Run...

The Las Vegas SUN posted this update of the Franken Team...
Comedian Al Franken has reached out to Democratic lawmakers from Minnesota in recent days, seeking advice on a possible Senate run against Republican Sen. Norm Coleman next year.

Franken, a veteran of "Saturday Night Live" and radio show host, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he's called all of the Democrats in the delegation.

"I didn't call Coleman," he deadpanned. "I want to mainly touch base and get advice and counsel on certain issues."

Franken said he's also been reaching out to campaign veterans, pollsters and others to get their advice. While people have been encouraging, Franken said, they've also warned about possible pitfalls.

One in particular, Franken relayed: "It's unknown how people will respond to a comedian running for the Senate. I need to figure out a way to let people know I'm extremely serious about Minnesotans and their lives."

Franken said he hopes to make a decision in the next few weeks. Last year, he moved his radio show from New York City to Minneapolis.

Rep. Collin Peterson, the chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, said that when he picked up the phone, the first thing Franken said was, "I need you to explain countercyclical payments to me."

LINK: Franken Seeks Advice for Possible Bid

I hope he runs...

-Mr. Joseph

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

FOR REAL: O'Reilly vs. Colbert

My Way News picked this up...

It may feel like looking into the mirror for Bill O'Reilly and Stephen Colbert next week. The Fox News Channel host and Colbert, who has essentially based his comic character every evening on Comedy Central on him, will trade appearances on each other's programs Jan. 18.

"I'm really looking forward to speaking to a man who owes his entire career to me," O'Reilly said.

On "The Colbert Report," Colbert portrays a self-involved talk-show host who has tried to bring "truthiness" to the world. His character owes an obvious debt to O'Reilly, who holds court in the "no-spin zone" each evening.

On "The O'Reilly Factor," O'Reilly portrays a ... um, he hosts the top-rated program in cable news.

"I look forward to the evening," Colbert said. "It is an honor to speak face-to-face with a broadcasting legend, and I feel the same way about Mr. O'Reilly."

LINK: O'Reilly, Colbert to Trade Appearances

This will be good. I'll post videos ASAP.

-Mr. Joseph

Drudge Fires a Shot at Dems... and misses...

Matt Drudge must have been estatic when he posted this...

Sun Jan 07 2007 15:03:38 ET

Democrats ran to expand the work week in the House to 5 days.

But guess how long that lasted?

Not even one week!

"Culture Shock on Capitol Hill: House to Work 5 Days a Week" front-paged the WASHINGTON POST in December.

Majority leader Steny Hoyer said members of the House will be expected in the Capitol for votes each week by 6:30 p.m. Monday and will finish their business about 2 p.m. Friday.

Explained the POST: "Forget the minimum wage. Or outsourcing jobs overseas. The labor issue most on the minds of members of Congress yesterday was their own: They will have to work five days a week starting in January."

But on the morning after the night before, on the first full week of the new congress, Hoyer has pulled back from his vow!

A Hoyer press release obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT boldly declares: "Monday, January 8, 2007: The House is not in session."

Hill sources claim The House is taking Monday 'off' this week, because of the championship football game between Ohio State and the University of Florida.

And, of course, the following Monday is the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

100 hours...starting...soon


However, Crooks and Liars was quick put that rumor to rest...

"Sounds pretty bad, doesn't it? Problem is, Drudge is weaseling in telling the story. It's the truth, but without any context.

Guess where I found the context? FoxNews (I know, go figure)

It's only the first week of the 110th Congress, but Democrats have already called a time-out so lawmakers can enjoy a very important event - the BCS championship football game between University of Florida and the Ohio State University.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer on Friday handed out this week's schedule. It noted that House legislative actions would not begin on Monday, but would be postponed until Tuesday.

Here's the best part: Steny Hoyer took particular care to name a colleague who he was sure would really appreciate the day off to watch the game…his friend from Ohio. Republican and House Minority Leader John Boehner

"…In the spirit of comity, and I know if Maryland were playing, I would want to be accommodated and I want to accommodate my friend, Mr. Boehner," Hoyer said in reference to new House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio.

Now granted, the following week has Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, making a second four day week, but that's hardly dropping down the 109th's 2 1/2 day work week, is it?"

LINK: Drudge Weasels To Jab At The Dems

I don't care what people say. I still like Matt Drudge.
-Mr. Joseph

Cavuto smears Frank

From Think Progress...

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto had a fiery exchange with House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank (D-MA) this week. Early on in the interview, Frank criticized Cavuto for repeatedly cutting him off. “If you’re going to interrupt every five words, we don’t have a show.”

Frank also took exception to Cavuto’s suggestion that Frank was in favor of arbitrary caps on CEO pay. “I’ve never said that. I can’t deal with all of your distortions here,” Frank said. Cavuto hit back: “Congressman, is it always incumbent upon you to be so condescending or do you just want to answer my question?”

VIDEO / LINK: Cavuto Battles Frank: ‘Congressman, Is It Always Incumbent Upon You To Be So Condescending?’

Cavuto is such a twerp...
-Mr. Joseph

Why, Chuck?

Chuck Norris just recently gave me a quote in his latest column I just had to publish...
"Trans fats are only one group of terrorist cells."
-Chuck Norris
His column just gets more and more embarrassing. At least he tackled health in this one, as opposed to his God-Awful ACLU rant.

Anyway, I was thinking it couldn't get any worse...

...until I found this little beauty...

I hope he gets back into movies...
-Mr. Joseph

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Fun with Video ...and Pat Robertson

So on Google Video, I found some fun videoes reagarding Pat Robertson. Considering that he just heard God again, I'll post them.

LINK: 700 Club's Pat Robertson Exposed Behind the Scenes

LINK: Pat Robertson off camera

LINK: Pat Robertson flips the bird on National Television

LINK: SNL - Dana Carvey - Church Lady Pat Robertson

I was so happy to find out how to post Google Videoes to my blog!

-Mr. Joseph

Hannity's America?

I'm glad Media Matters picked up on this. I heard about this last night. I think it's ridiculous. He has his own radio program and half a TV Show. He doesn't need another one. And when is FOX going to give a liberal his/her own show?

Here's the story from my hometown paper, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel...

The already hard-working Sean Hannity adds another shift to his schedule this weekend with the launch of "Hannity's America" on the Fox News Channel.

Hannity's new magazine show - airing Sundays at 8 - joins his nightly "Hannity & Colmes" on Fox News, and his radio show, airing on WISN-AM (1130) at 6 weeknights.

"I love what I'm doing," the 45-year-old Hannity tells Inside TV & Radio. "I love radio, I love TV, I think I have the greatest life, I have a passion for what I do every day.

"There are things that I've wanted to do for a long time, aspects or sort of segments you can't do in a debate-oriented show," he says.

Fox has tried out a number of weekend pilots, including something called "Hannity on America." That led to this program, a natural choice since Hannity's already co-host of the No. 2 show in cable news.

He says "Hannity's America" will open with news, and then go to "stories that I think and others think need to be covered and are not being covered."

"Look, anybody that follows the news knows that there's a lot of stories out there that never seem to get the attention they deserve."

His first show will feature a face-to-face with anti-Iraq war activist Cindy Sheehan in his new "Hot Seat" segment.

"What I'm trying to do is sort of avoid the problem of 'answer the question, answer the question,' " he explains.

"We're going to start off the segment with five yes-or-no questions and then, after we finish that, we're going to go more in depth.

"Everybody will know ahead what the rules are."

Another scheduled guest is Elisabeth Hasselbeck of ABC's "The View," who'll talk about the ongoing Donald Trump-Rosie O'Donnell feud, a staple of cable TV "news" shows.

For the record, Hannity says that'll be him live on Sundays, not a mere recorded image.

"I'm coming in Sunday night, which, by the way, is a night that I always worked anyway," he says. "After I went to church and took my kids out to dinner every Sunday, which is part of our family tradition, or Sunday brunch, then by 6 o'clock I'd start winding down, turn on '60 Minutes' and start doing all my prep for the week."

The entire conversation with Hannity is available on the latest podcast edition of Inside TV & Radio - the 50th installment - available at You also can subscribe to the podcast for free at the iTunes Store.

LINK: Hannity will try out a new format in 'America'


On January 7, Fox News will premiere a new weekly show, Hannity's America, starring Sean Hannity, who currently co-hosts the Fox News show Hannity & Colmes along with Alan Colmes. Hannity and others have defended themselves against charges that Fox News leans conservative by pointing to the purported conservative/liberal balance represented by the co-hosts of Hannity & Colmes, but Colmes apparently will not be a co-host of Hannity's America.

According to a January 4 Hollywood Reporter article, Hannity's America will "blend the debate style that Hannity is noted for on TV and syndicated radio," featuring interviews and reports and a "debate component, called 'Hannity's Hot Seat,' [that] will feature a lightning round of five yes or no questions put to a liberal and then a debate." Each show will also reportedly include "the naming of a 'Great American' ... 'people that on a daily basis make this a great country and never get noticed." According to a Fox News advertisement that aired during the January 2 edition of Hannity & Colmes, Hannity's America will air every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET; Hannity will continue to co-host Hannity & Colmes and his daily ABC Radio Networks show.

As Media Matters for America has noted, several people, including Hannity himself, have previously defended Fox News against charges it skews to the right in part by pointing to the pairing of Hannity and Colmes on their show.
LINK: Despite touting Colmes as "balance," Hannity to host own Fox News show

Another Right-Wing hawk show... great...
-Mr. Joseph


"And I challenge you to debate me anytime, anyplace, anywhere..."
-Joe Scarborough

Crooks and Liars and Media Matters found this new feud...

There is too much to post, so you are just going to have to follow the links...


Scarborough: And I challenge you to debate me anytime, anyplace, anywhere, and find one thing I have said on this program over the past year that is not consistent with the conservative congressman who was against military adventurism when I was in Congress, that was against exploding deficits, that was against reckless spending and against turning Congress into the type of swamp that we Republicans have turned it into over the past six years!

That doesn‘t make me liberal, that makes me conservative! That may make you, though, a suck-up, if you defend the Republicans that have done that to this country and to our party over the past six years! (full transcript below the fold)

LINK: Scarborough challenges O’Reilly to a debate

...[O]n The O'Reilly Factor, O'Reilly falsely claimed, "There isn't one conservative ... not one conservative commentator that works for NBC News at this time." In fact, at least two MSNBC hosts -- Scarborough and Tucker Carlson -- are known conservatives. Scarborough is a former Republican Florida Congressman and Carlson is a well-known conservative commentator who used to write for the conservative publications Policy Review and the Weekly Standard, in addition to formerly being the conservative co-host of CNN's now-canceled program Crossfire.
LINK: Scarborough blasts O'Reilly for being GOP "suck-up"

This could be very interesting...
-Mr. Joseph

Pat Robertson: God told me of 'mass killing' in 2007

Wow, he's hearing voices again.

"I have a pretty good track record." Right...

CNN broke this first and I found it again on Crooks and Liars.

Evangelical broadcaster Pat Robertson said Tuesday that God has told him that a terrorist attack on the United States would cause a "mass killing" late in 2007.

"I'm not necessarily saying it's going to be nuclear," he said during his news-and-talk television show "The 700 Club" on the Christian Broadcasting Network.

"The Lord didn't say nuclear. But I do believe it will be something like that."

Robertson said God told him about the impending tragedy during a recent prayer retreat.

God also said, he claims, that major cities and possibly millions of people will be affected by the attack, which should take place sometime after September.

Robertson suggested in January 2006 that God punished then-Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon with a stroke for ceding Israeli-controlled land to the Palestinians.

The broadcaster predicted in January 2004 that President Bush would easily win re-election.

Bush won 51 percent of the vote that fall, beating Democratic Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts.

In 2005 Robertson predicted that Bush would have victory after victory in his second term. He said Social Security reform proposals would be approved and Bush would nominate conservative judges to federal courts.

Lawmakers confirmed Bush's 2005 nominations of John Roberts and Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. But the president's Social Security initiative was stalled.

"I have a relatively good track record," he said. "Sometimes I miss."

In May, Robertson said God told him that storms and possibly a tsunami were to crash into America's coastline in 2006.

Even though the U.S. was not hit with a tsunami, Robertson on Tuesday cited last spring's heavy rains and flooding in New England as partly fulfilling the prediction.

LINK: Pat Robertson: God told me of 'mass killing' in 2007

Pat Robertson is at it again. In his " Conversations with God," series, he tells us that Armageddon is on the way for '07, Kreskin has nothing over this guy…Keep the fear level high, Pat. Be a good little propagandist.

Pat Robertson: There will be some very serious terrorist attacks. The evil people will come after this country and there’s a possibility – not a possibility, a definite certainty - that chaos is going to rule. And the Lord said the politicians will not have any solutions for it. There’s just going to be chaos. ’m not saying necessarily nuclear, the Lord didn't say nuclear, but I do believe it'll be something like that, that'll be a mass killing - possibly millions of people, major cities injured
Pat Robertson: The other thing I felt was that evil men, evil people, are going to try to do evil things to us and to others during the last part of this year. I don’t know if it’ll be in the fall or September or later on, but it’ll be the second half somehow of 2007. There will be some very serious terrorist attacks. The evil people will come after this country and there’s a possibility – not a possibility, a definite certainty - that chaos is going to rule. And the Lord said the politicians will not have any solutions for it. There’s just going to be chaos. Of course, we saw chaos in the Gulf after Katrina and the politicians had no answers … It’s going to happen. I’m not saying necessarily nuclear, the Lord didn't say nuclear, but I do believe it'll be something like that, that'll be a mass killing - possibly millions of people, major cities injured. I hope I’m wrong and I hope people will pray and that won’t happen, but nevertheless that seems to be what’s coming up. And then the Lord said he will restrain the evil people, but he will not restrain them necessarily initially. And, you know, He doesn’t have to restrain people. They’re evil people and they do evil things and they desire evil.

LINK: Pat Robertson’s terrorist–mass killing conversations with God

Well, he has got to get attention somehow.
-Mr. Joseph

Stallone Attacks Mexican Border Fence found this. It was surprising to hear Stallone say this, usually he is more conservative. However, he does not like to be politically labeled.
Sylvester Stallone defended boxing, praised the hard work of Mexicans and dished out some jabs against U.S. plans to build a wall on its southern border, as the 60-year-old actor visited Mexico City to promote his sixth "Rocky" film.

Stallone said Thursday that "Rocky Balboa," the latest installment in the underdog saga of the Italian Stallion, shows an ordinary man fighting back against life's difficulties represented by his stronger ring opponents.

"It's like bullfighting or certain sports where you understand the brutality," he told reporters. "The thing is you have two men who are prepared; two men who have trained for this and know exactly what they're doing. It's not like two strong men attacking strangers."

In "Rocky Balboa," an MGM Pictures release, the aging scrapper is running a restaurant when a computer-simulated bout inspires him to put the gloves back on. In one scene, his character defends his restaurant's immigrant cooks and waiters against slanderous comments.

"I support Mexicans who work in my country," he said, adding that the United States depends on the hard work of Latinos to keep running.

In comments to Mexican media later, Stallone criticized plans to build 700 miles of fence along the border as an immigration-control measure.

Such a fence was "crazy" and "ridiculous," he said, arguing that nations should be able to interact without being divided by walls.

The Mexican government has railed against the fence with former President Vicente Fox comparing it to the Berlin Wall.

LINK: Stallone Attacks Mexican Border Fence

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