Thursday, July 21, 2005

No Sandra Day O'Connor... well, obviously

We can't have Day O'Connor! She retired! Haha!

...yeah, ok, not funny...

In a surprise move by George W. Bush, a non-extreme conservative was nominated for the Supreme Court opening. John Roberts was nominated and, well, attacked from all sides.

John Kerry on the Left and Ann Coulter on the Right have both attacked Roberts.

Kerry: "No Sandra Day O'Connor"
Coulter: "Not foaming-at-the-mouth enough"

Well, personally, I would like someone a little more to the middle, but it could be much, much worse.

I say, in these troubled times of conservative influence, thank God that Bush is not forcing through a John Bolton-equivelent nominee.

That's all for now. More to come!

-Mr. Joseph

Monday, July 18, 2005

Great Actors Sell Out to Disney!

Disney's upcoming movie, "Shy High" will cast my (now former) acting heroes, Kurt Russell and Bruce Campbell! Horrors!

What were they thinking?! Kurt Russell could be filming "Escape From D.C." or something and Bruce Campbell could and should be filming, well, ANYTHING!

Speaking of Bruce "Don't Call Me Ash" Campbell, he will be coming to Milwaukee on July 28th to promote his new book "Make Love!* *the Bruce Campbell Way" and his new movie "The Man With the Screaming Brain". He will be at a book signing / film screening at the Oriental Theatre and I WILL BE THERE. As will my friends; Jack, Angus, and Mike.

I will post a picture if I get one as I meet my first celebrity.

Also, here are some upcoming movies we al should look out for...

King Kong (Remake)
Rambo IV: Holy War
Indiana Jones 4
Jurrassic Park IV
Mission: Impossible 3
Sky High (only for Russell and Campbell)
James Bond 21: Casino Royale
Poe (Directed by Sly Stallone)

In other News,

William Renquist denies rumors that he will retire. Good, just hold out until Democrats win Congress and Presidency ... like in 2064.

O'Connor on the other hand has caught everyone in Washington off guard. The Democrats won't filibuster unless of emergency. Attorney General Gonzoles (who is a potential nominee) believes that abortion should remain legal, despite him being "Pro-Life". The Republicans have gone crazy and are crying for blood. Only the most extreme Right-Wing conservative antichoice homophobe is acceptable. If Bush strays toward the middle, he is criticized by his own side.

Can you believe it?

The first time Bush even considers moderation, the Republicans turn on him. Amazing. Something must be done about the evangelical movement in America, it has gotten too powerful.

Not much else politics. In these times of a Bush presidency, no news is good news. Actually, it's GREAT news.

Also, here is something to ponder: Are members of the "Right to Life" Movement or "Operation: Rescue" on the Terror Watch List? There have been several murders, bombings, and arsons by them against medical doctors who are just doing THEIR JOB. Abortion is LEGAL. Hence, you cannot attack it with guns and bombs. I don't care about their opinion, but I do care if innocent PEOPLE (not fetal tissue that cannot survive on its own) die.

That's the news, entertainment, and opinions for tonight.

This is Mr. Joseph signing off from Channel 14: Political Thunder Action News!

-Mr. Joseph

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Republican Foreign Policy: Guys who hate the U.N. and War!

(Photo: Jeb Bush won't let Terri Schriavo Case go; Investigates Florida style!)

NEWS UPDATE: FOX News Channel style!

Heroic John Bolton nomination still in debate. America-hating liberals refuse to budge!

America needs another war! Let's go to Iran!

In reality, the news:

John Bolton: We should not allow this guy to be appointed for several reasons.
#1.) He hates the U.N. That's like appointing Pat Robertson to be a representative to Pro-Choice America or N.O.W. (National Organization of Women)
#2.) He shares his last name with Michael Bolton. This should wave some red warning flags.
#3.) He's a Republican. Foreign countries and Republicans don't go together well. Even moderate Republicans agree to this.

Alberto Gonzales a possiblity for O'Connor replacement! Well, better him then (shudders) John Ashcroft. I could live with that.

War: Iraq, Afghanistan, ...and Iran (so far away)? More talk of a war in Iran. North Korean nuclear talks to resume.

Entertainment News: Kurt Russell to star in a Disney movie! What the Hell...? Why?!

...and as I mentioned last time: Stallone signs contracts to film RAMBO IV: Holy War! Filming set to begin in early 2006.

That's it for the news and opinions. Stay tuned for more anti-liberal (just kidding) news updates.

-Mr. Joseph

Sunday, July 03, 2005

All the news that the goverment wants you to hear!

Today's top stories:

Sandra Day O'Connor to retire!

The Senate Showdown will now commence! Will the Democrats stay strong? Will the Republicans compromise? More to come!

John Bolton Nomination still in debate.

This guy hates the U.N. Why should he be our representitive to it? There will be disastor if he is apoointed! Call your senator or representive! This is Code Red! He must be stopped!

Luther Vandross has died.

May he Rest in Peace.

Michael Jackson acquitted on all counts!

So this just means that being a celebrity does get you off the hook for any crime, even as horrible as Child Molestation.

Stallone signs contracts to film RAMBO IV: Holy War!

After 18 years, 59 year old Sly Stallone will put on the headband and pull out the knife for another awesome movie. This film will involve John Rambo fighting white supremacists. Robert Byrd and Trent Lott are to make a cameo.

More updates to come!

-Mr. Joseph

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