Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mr. T, business consultant

It’s no jibba-jabba, he’s back and offering advice on new reality show

For those of you who remember Mr. T as the chain-wearing, mohawked, tough guy from The A-Team, get ready to see him in a whole new light. He's still king of the rhyming one-liners, like "I'm teaching fools some basic rules."

But he's now offering those aforementioned fools guidance on everything from business to love in his new reality series, "I Pity the Fool" (also one of his one-liners), which begins tomorrow at 10 p.m. on TV Land.

Mr. T as corporate consultant? Isn't this the same guy who didn't utter more than three sentences as B.A. Baracus? Yes. But there are a few things you should know about Mr. T’s real-life resolve. He's a cancer survivor who was plagued by tabloids that were on an all-out death watch during his illness in 1995.

He bootstrapped himself out of poverty after being raised by a single mother along with 11 siblings on the rough South Side of Chicago. He tried out for the Green Bay Packers but had to change his career goals after a debilitating knee injury. Surviving those tough times gave him a unique perspective on life, he says.

Underneath all those muscles is a heart of, er, gold. T, who changed his name from Lawrence Tureaud, manages to work his two favorite topics — his 89-year-old mother and God — into virtually every question asked. Even when talking about the first episode of "I Pity the Fool," in which he brought old-fashioned teamwork to a New York City-area car dealership. "My mother told me, 'Son, if you work hard, you'll get something,' " Mr. T said during a recent phone conversation. "I don't want to disgrace my mother."

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I pity the fool who doesn't watch this!

-Mr. Joseph

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