Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Draft Gore-Obama for 2008

Brent Budowsky wrote a fine article recently. I couldn't agree more with this...

A ticket of Al Gore for president and Barack Obama for vice president would create an electricity and enthusiasm that would transform American politics and send shock waves of excitement throughout a world yearning for new American leadership.

With the release of Al Gore’s new book about reason and truth in politics, and the July 7 worldwide concert for global warming, the stage is set for a new era in American politics that would be more exciting than any event since the inaugural of JFK.

Al Gore would bring the most commander-in-chief qualities in the history of presidential candidates with a passion and depth that would lift the hopes and hearts of Americans ready to inaugurate the post-Bush era.

Barack Obama would bring an enthusiasm, idealism and spirit that would make the ticket soar above partisan politics, would rally young people into public service in ways reminiscent of John and Robert Kennedy, and would be the greatest worldwide boost to American leadership for freedom and democracy in many years.

Al Gore was and has remained right about the Iraq war, and has the experience to lead America through the challenges left by the disasters of George W. Bush.

For a generation Gore has focused with great clarity and depth on the great issues facing the country, from nuclear arms control to global warming, from the power of new technology to better the world to a rousing call to respect our Bill of Rights and honor our political, civic and religious freedoms.

He has excelled in every endeavor he has undertaken as a member of Congress, senator, vice president,and idea entrepreneur who thinks big and knows how to get things done.

Gore has always been ahead of his time on great issues and his breadth of experience reaches from head of state diplomacy to financial and capital markets.

Barack Obama would be an extraordinary and unique vice president who would inspire young people everywhere, and would be a powerful symbol of American freedom, American justice and American opportunity throughout the world.

Obama’s appeal would transcend political parties, generations, and nations.

Partnered with the most experienced presidential candidate in American history, Barack Obama could well ensure his ultimate path to the presidency.

A Gore-Obama ticket would lift the hearts of Americans ready to dream again and lift the spirit of a nation that hungers for a unity of optimism, patriotism and community.

A Gore-Obama ticket would raise gigantic sums of money because it would raise gigantic hopes about what is possible for the future of America if we dare to dream again.

Personally I would enthusiastically support any of the Democratic candidates and am intrigued by the possibilities if Chuck Hagel declares independence from a decayed Republican Party.

Gore-Obama, however, is about something bigger, larger, grander and more noble than mere conventional politics.

The incumbent has divided us against each other, and has divided our generation from future generations on almost every level. Future generations will pay the price of misdeeds and mistakes today, from debt to war to pollution.

Gore-Obama is about the future, about the kids, about the generations to come and about an America that would once again believe that it is our sacred obligation to leave a better world to the kids and to the generations that follow.

Gore-Obama is about who we are, the standards we set, the future we build, and the great aspirations that should once again be our mission as men, women, Americans and citizens of the world.

The poet told us that our reach should exceed our grasp, otherwise what is heaven for?

It is time to dream again, to reach for the stars again, to have great aspirations and great expectations again.

It is time to lift the country we love again, to join a call to conscience, a call to action, and a call to confidence based on who we are, and what we stand for.

Draft Gore and Obama, and we will have a dream team for the generations.

LINK: American Dream Team: Draft Gore-Obama for 2008

G-O, 08!
-Mr. Joseph

UPDATE (9/30/07):
PT now officially supports the Edwards-Obama Ticket for the 2008 Presidential Race.

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