Saturday, June 02, 2007

Glenn Beck's Ratings Are Extremely Low

This is my 300th post! I wanted to celebrate the 300th post with an analysis of all the current candidates for President, but because of the sheer number of candidates, the analysis isn't quite done yet.

However, we can celebrate with some good news!

My Two Sense
Glenn Beck's ratings for the week of May 21-25 were staggering in how low Beck's ratings have fallen. When you think his ratings have hit rock bottom, they manage to dig just a little lower.

These are the numbers are for the 7pm hour. The first number is the 25-54 demographic, the second number is the total number of viewers.

Monday - 44,000 / 211,000
Tuesday - 141,000 / 302,000
Wednesday - 73,000 / 172,000
Thursday - 62,000 / 192,000
Friday - 43,000 / 123,000

These numbers are quite low. On Monday and Friday, Beck's demographic number was the lowest in all of cable news from 5pm to midnight. In Beck's 7pm time slot, he lost every single day (except Tuesday, which seems to be an abberation) to all 3 of the other cable news shows in both the demographic and total viewers.

Here are Glenn Beck's numbers for his 9pm show :

Monday - 167,000 / 397,000
Tuesday - 87,000 / 231,000
Wednesday - 37,000 / 142,000
Thursday - 119,000 / 355,000
Friday - 75,000 / 209,000

Beck loses in his 9pm timeslot as well. The other 3 shows on at 9pm are Hannity and Colmes, Larry King Live, and Scarbourough Country. Beck loses to them every night, but it should be noted he manage to squeak out a victory over Scarbourough on Monday. In total viewers, he loses handily to both Larry King and Hannity and Colmes.

What does this all mean? Glenn Beck's ratings are extremely low. The "Glenn Beck experiment" that Headline News started over a year ago has failed. A year ago, Glenn Beck was heralded as some sort of new talk show host that would revolutionize cable news. Instead, he is another in a long line of right wing radio talk show hosts who has failed in television.

In fact, Glenn Beck's numbers for this week were LOWER then a year ago when he was just starting. A year's worth of programming, advertising, and everything else that CNN and Headline News has done to push Glenn Beck has not made a bit of difference.

Beck's numbers are the lowest in cable news, and he shows no signs of improving any time soon. My question is how long will Headline News, CNN, and Time Warner continue to put up with Beck's low numbers?
LINK: Glenn Beck Ratings Report (May 21-25)

I really hope they boot his show of the air -- it is just awful. I've watched it several times and there is nothing appealing about it. Glenn Beck has to be my least favorite media personality.

-Mr. Joseph

UPDATE (7/31/07):
LINK: MM: How low (in the ratings) can Glenn Beck go?


G-Funk said...

Hey Mr. Joseph...My name is Greg and I stumbled across your blog looking for an image of Glenn Beck. We actually have the same blog format. Do you think you could post a link to my blog from yours and I can reciprocate?

Mr. Joseph said...

I would love to. Your blog looks pretty cool. I'll feature in "Link of the Day" and I'll post in my links section.