Sunday, July 03, 2005

All the news that the goverment wants you to hear!

Today's top stories:

Sandra Day O'Connor to retire!

The Senate Showdown will now commence! Will the Democrats stay strong? Will the Republicans compromise? More to come!

John Bolton Nomination still in debate.

This guy hates the U.N. Why should he be our representitive to it? There will be disastor if he is apoointed! Call your senator or representive! This is Code Red! He must be stopped!

Luther Vandross has died.

May he Rest in Peace.

Michael Jackson acquitted on all counts!

So this just means that being a celebrity does get you off the hook for any crime, even as horrible as Child Molestation.

Stallone signs contracts to film RAMBO IV: Holy War!

After 18 years, 59 year old Sly Stallone will put on the headband and pull out the knife for another awesome movie. This film will involve John Rambo fighting white supremacists. Robert Byrd and Trent Lott are to make a cameo.

More updates to come!

-Mr. Joseph

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Amy Allen said...

We were eagerly anticipate them!
Impressive blog!