Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Republican Foreign Policy: Guys who hate the U.N. and War!

(Photo: Jeb Bush won't let Terri Schriavo Case go; Investigates Florida style!)

NEWS UPDATE: FOX News Channel style!

Heroic John Bolton nomination still in debate. America-hating liberals refuse to budge!

America needs another war! Let's go to Iran!

In reality, the news:

John Bolton: We should not allow this guy to be appointed for several reasons.
#1.) He hates the U.N. That's like appointing Pat Robertson to be a representative to Pro-Choice America or N.O.W. (National Organization of Women)
#2.) He shares his last name with Michael Bolton. This should wave some red warning flags.
#3.) He's a Republican. Foreign countries and Republicans don't go together well. Even moderate Republicans agree to this.

Alberto Gonzales a possiblity for O'Connor replacement! Well, better him then (shudders) John Ashcroft. I could live with that.

War: Iraq, Afghanistan, ...and Iran (so far away)? More talk of a war in Iran. North Korean nuclear talks to resume.

Entertainment News: Kurt Russell to star in a Disney movie! What the Hell...? Why?!

...and as I mentioned last time: Stallone signs contracts to film RAMBO IV: Holy War! Filming set to begin in early 2006.

That's it for the news and opinions. Stay tuned for more anti-liberal (just kidding) news updates.

-Mr. Joseph

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Nik Nelson, Conservative said...

Dear Mr. Kay,

Something told me that I wouldn't have to wait until August to continue our nice chats. Fate, I guess. Or something like that. I am rather surprised, actually. I am yet to find a typo in your blog. In fact, that kind of insults me. You take the time to fix your grammar and spelling for the rest of the world, but when it comes to communicating with me, you have the intelligence of a kindergartener. I guess I’ll get over it.
Oh, by the way, I really don't like being called the "stupid conservative of the day". And behind my back! The audacity. (Must be that “criticism with substance"). That's okay, though. I have all of next year to eviscerate you in the newspaper.

Have a nice summer,

Nik Nelson