Wednesday, October 05, 2005

George W. Bush doing his part

In light of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rite and while Ex-President Clinton is out looking for money to donate to the victims, George W. and his father are out doing what they can.


Recently, I asked my mom if she would vote for Hillary Clinton if she ran in '08. My mom, being a feminist, answered "yes". I asked, "What about Condi Rice?" She answered, "no". So, I say, why not? And she answers -- "Because she doesn't have a brain."

Things that are so simple like that are sometimes the best answer.

Also, Bush nominated a woman to replace O'Connor. He also assured the neocons that she is "one of them". She has NEVER been a judge. She was a "close friend" of Bush. I also love how she was the "best [George W.] could find."

Great... this is really going to offset the balance of the Court. One sure fire conservative and Roberts (who is a trump card -- he could go either way). Not good.

Roberts WAS appointed -- damn, although Russ Feingold approves of him, so it's not the end of the world.

Not much else, the new pope is apparently having talks about married priests. Yeah, right. Like that'll ever happen -- we'll see, I guess.

Also, on the subject of the Church, check out my other blog for the lyrics of a song that I wrote called, "The Catholic Rap".

That's it for now,

-Mr. Joseph

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