Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What has America come to?!

So, in recent news...

Eddie Guerro, a professional wrestler is found dead in his hotel room. Why? Drugs, most likely. This really isn't important. It's just sad. It's like the girl in Aruba -- not really newsworthy, but the networks won't shut up about it because they are desperate for a story that doesn't expose the Bush Administration!!!

In real news, Tom DeLay is still under investiagation -- good.

Libby is going through the court system -- if he is convicted, I will have hope again for the American legal system.

Rev. Pat Robertson said that the people of Pennsylvania should not ask God for help in the event of a disaster. Why? Because they are pro-science. They booted out every board member that was pro-creationsim (or another wonderful oxymoron -- "Intelligent Design"). They said that evolution should be taught unopposed by this insult to science. Anyway -- this just shows that Pat Robertson is either really senile or really obnoxious. (A little of both maybe?)

Kansas, on the other hand, has embarrassed society by ALLOWING "Intelligent Design" in the classrooms. WHAT!? I hate to pick on a state -- but come on -- why did this happen? Because a bunch of "God-fearing" rednecks want religion pushed down every kid's throat so that they feel they are doing the right thing.

Miers has withdrawn her own nomination for the Supreme Court -- good, she was unqualified for the job. Judge Samuel Alito has replaced her in the nomination. He's definitely "qualified", but he is a hard right-winger and he should not be voted in. In these times, we NEED unbiased, fair, moderate justices on the court. Too many Thomas's and Scalia's.

Also, Hugo Chavez called President Bush "Mr. Danger" and the U.S. an "evil empire". Thanks, Hugo -- we appreciate that.

Look, as an American, I say this. WE are not proud of our "leader". He stole at least one election and has turned our nation into an embarrassment. I want him out, the majority of the U.S. wants him out, but we have little alternatives. The Democratic Leadership is weak! No one is stepping up and putting together a full argument for impeachment for Bush and NONE of the leading Dems are putting together some plans for the nation!

Why are we not taking charge?! This is Bush's hour of weakness! His approval ratings are at 35% (according to FOX!), 58% dissapprove! We can get it him! Damn!

I can only hope Democrats sweep the midterm elections. If they get some real power -- then we can challenge Bush. That's the main problem. The Dems are still the minority.

Also -- I love the ACLU, don't get me wrong -- but it is really starting to piss me off that they are still going after Christmas. They need to understand that Christmas is almost no longer about Christ. Corporations have turned it into a buying season and basically, nothing more. So, I think the ACLU should just shut up about it.

Moving on to entertainment...

Stallone has signed on to do both Rocky VI and Rambo IV. They are both official now. They are both set to come out in 2006/2008.

King Kong is coming out this December.

There are still no plans for Evil Dead IV.

Sky High sucked.

Chuck Norris made a "Walker, Texas Ranger" made for TV movie. It was incredibly lame.

The new James Bond has been announced! He's blonde! That's all I know, except the next 007 movie will be Casino Royale.

Signing out,
Mr. Joseph

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