Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hannity: "You're full of sh*t"

OK, as I continue to work on my "Sean Hannity Profile", I have three things for you now...

First, the pictue above.

Second, this little rant caught on video by Think Progress where he calls his guest "full of sh*t".

Here's the video link...

VIDEO / LINK: Hannity: "You're full of sh*t."


COLMES: What do you though — let’s say Hezbollah keeps firing, though. What do you do then?

ROSENBLUM: Well, you have to fire back. And what this particular resolution allows is Israel is defined as the victim. Hezbollah is the perpetrator. Israel has the right to defend itself while it stays in southern Lebanon. There has never been a United Nations resolution so friendly to Israeli security interests and right — but it is a piece of paper, not implemented yet.

HANNITY: A lot of good 1559 did. I think anything short of the defeat of Hezbollah or crippling it to a larger extent is a waste of time.

ROSENBLUM: By dropping your nuclear bomb, is what you said.

HANNITY: No, no, I never said drop a nuclear bomb. You said that they weren’t winning, and I said they could have won it in a second if they wanted to. I’m saying Israeli forces, their generals are saying they didn’t fight it to the full extent.

ROSENBLUM: And again you’re monolithing Israel. There’s a dispute on this in Israel.

HANNITY: But don’t mischaracterize what I said. I never said drop a weapon. I said they could, they could obliterate them. And if they wanted to, they could have.

ROSENBLUM: And you said a nuclear weapon could be…


HANNITY: It could have. They could obliterate them.

ROSENBLUM: Again, why would Israel choose not to do that?

HANNITY: What part of that don’t you understand?

ROSENBLUM: Look at Israeli self-interest.

HANNITY: All right, you’re full of sh*t. We’ve got to break. Coming up next, “60 Minutes” chats with the president of Iran as a nuclear deadline looms. We’ll talk about that.

And third...

From Crooks and Liars, this meltdown after Lamont's victory...

VIDEO: Hannity's Meltdown

LINK: Hannity's Meltdown

You got to love when Bob Beckel calls Santorum a "wingnut" so Hannity responds with "You’re a left wingnut. What’s with the name calling?".

-Mr. Joseph

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