Saturday, January 06, 2007


"And I challenge you to debate me anytime, anyplace, anywhere..."
-Joe Scarborough

Crooks and Liars and Media Matters found this new feud...

There is too much to post, so you are just going to have to follow the links...


Scarborough: And I challenge you to debate me anytime, anyplace, anywhere, and find one thing I have said on this program over the past year that is not consistent with the conservative congressman who was against military adventurism when I was in Congress, that was against exploding deficits, that was against reckless spending and against turning Congress into the type of swamp that we Republicans have turned it into over the past six years!

That doesn‘t make me liberal, that makes me conservative! That may make you, though, a suck-up, if you defend the Republicans that have done that to this country and to our party over the past six years! (full transcript below the fold)

LINK: Scarborough challenges O’Reilly to a debate

...[O]n The O'Reilly Factor, O'Reilly falsely claimed, "There isn't one conservative ... not one conservative commentator that works for NBC News at this time." In fact, at least two MSNBC hosts -- Scarborough and Tucker Carlson -- are known conservatives. Scarborough is a former Republican Florida Congressman and Carlson is a well-known conservative commentator who used to write for the conservative publications Policy Review and the Weekly Standard, in addition to formerly being the conservative co-host of CNN's now-canceled program Crossfire.
LINK: Scarborough blasts O'Reilly for being GOP "suck-up"

This could be very interesting...
-Mr. Joseph

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