Wednesday, January 24, 2007

FNC Humor: "...droppable, to say the least"

I predict a lot of really bad things coming from this show...

Radar Online
Breathe easy, Jon Stewart. It's looking like the satire program billed as Fox News Channel's answer to The Daily Show will combine the timeliness of Newsweek with the incisive wit of Mallard Fillmore. So far, Fox has taped two episodes of The Half-Hour News Hour, as the show is being called. (Its working title, This Just In, had to be scrapped, as AOL has a broadband channel with that name.)

Producer Joel Surnow, whose credits also include 24, has described the show as a cross between Comedy Central's Daily Show and Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" segment. A source who attended the tapings describes the format as far more similar to the latter, with a two-anchor setup and skits interspersed with the talking-head segments. "It was hit and miss—some stuff was inspired, and some was droppable, to say the least," says the source. Not surprisingly, he adds, most of the jokes had a conservative slant.

Comedians Kurt Long and Susan Yeagley share anchor duties, and toss to a cast of correspondents that includes original Daily Show cast member Brian Unger. Guests so far have included Rush Limbaugh (who bragged about appearing in a skit as the president, with Ann Coulter as his vice president), comedian Dom Irrera, and original Hollywood Squares host Peter Marshall. While early reports on the show promised a January debut, as of now, no air date has been set.

LINK: FNC's Daily Show Rip-off Falls Flat



It sounds like Rush Limbaugh is making an appearance in FNC's news satire pilot:
"I went out and did some television Saturday in Los Angeles," the radio host said on Monday. "There's a new show that probably will air soon, I'm not sure when, but it's called The Half Hour NewsHour. That's the working title of it now. I guess that's subject to change. Well, actually it's not, because if it changes I gotta go back out there, but nevertheless it's a parody newscast, takeoff on liberal media newscasts, and I play the president of the United States in the opening segments of this program.
I went out and shot three takes. Ann Coulter is the vice president. (laughing) It's hilarious. The whole thing is hilarious..."
LINK: Rush Tapes Intro For FNC's News Satire?

-Mr. Joseph

UPDATE (12/9/07):
Crooks and Liars...
FOX Opinion Channels dreadful “Half Hour News Hour,” billed as the “right-wing answer to ‘The Daily Show;” has been canceled. It was really only a matter of time, wasn’t it?

Let’s take a look back at the show’s awful and short-lived life:

The Half Hour News Hour: Still Not Funny

Fox News 1/2 Hour News Hour Goes From Bad To Worse

Half Hour News Hour - Still Waiting For The Funny

LINK: R.I.P: FOX’s “Half Hour News Hour” Canceled

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