Monday, January 07, 2008

Bill O'Reilly Confronts Obama

What ridiculous antics this guy is up to. Has he no sense of decency?

Crooks and Liars has video and a *very* rough transcript...

After Bill O’Reilly had an altercation with Marvin Nicholson, Obama’s National Trip Director—he crashes and asks Obama if he’ll come on The Factor.

Obama: There’s a whole bunch of people over there I’ve got to talk to.

O’reilly: Thank you very much, You’re a good guy. We like you.

Obama: After the primary we’ll go on.

O’Reilly: After New Hampshire.

Obama: After the primary.

LINK: O’Reilly crashes Obama’s NH speech and asks to interview him! Don’t do it!


LINK: Bill O’Reilly in confrontation with Obama staffer at rally: Screams at Marvin Nicholson

LINK: O’Reilly says he called Obama’s staffer an SOB!

LINK: Obama staffer says Bill O’Reilly confrontation got physical!

LINK: Secret Service Restrains Out-Of-Control O'Reilly

LINK: Fox News' Wilson falsely claimed that O'Reilly said "confrontation" with Obama staffer was "just verbal"

LINK: O'Reilly falsely claimed "Obama has dodged every tough interview"

Most ridiculous item of the campaign trail...

-Mr. Joseph

UPDATE (1/09/08):
Robert Greenwald and FOXATTACKS! did a great job of summing up this incident.

LINK: Bill O'Reilly attacks Obama staffer

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