Monday, May 15, 2006

Boortz and Gibson are "Worst"

Shout out to Keith Olberman...

From Media Matters...
From the May 11 edition of MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann:
OLBERMANN: Time for Countdown's latest list of nominees for "Worst Person in the World."
The bronze, Michael Cohn, an L.A. psychologist, and Alfred Rava, his attorney. They're suing the baseball team the L.A. Angels because at a Mother's Day promotion last year, the Angels gave out special tote bags to women 18 and over, but they did not give Mr. Cohn one. He's claiming discrimination, asking damages of $4,000 to each man who went to the game last year.
There's a part two. This attorney, Mr. Rava, seems to have made a hobby of this. He's been part of at least 37 lawsuits since 2003, most of them claiming discrimination because of lady nights at bars or discounted tickets to theaters for women.
The runner-up, the owners of the venerable British soccer team Arsenal and the stadium at which it has played for nearly a century, Highbury. As it moves to a new stadium, Arsenal had been selling off the seats from Highbury until it was discovered that the paint on those seats contained traces of cadmium. It is a toxic medical -- metal that, among other things, can reduce men's fertility.
But the winner, radio commentator Neal Boortz, who said that offering counseling to kids traumatized by shootings in schools was just an attempt to sell them on the idea that government is, quote, "responsible for everything." He said there should not have been counseling offered to the students at Columbine. "I had a friend," Boortz said, "that died of leukemia. Never once did they run a bunch of damned counselors into the school the next day assist me in getting my feeling out about this issue." Yeah, Neal, and look how good you turned out.
Neal Boortz, today's "Worst Person in the World."

And Gibson...
From the May 12 edition of MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann:
OLBERMANN: That's ahead, but first it's time for Countdown's latest list of nominees for "Worst Person in the World." The bronze to John Gibson of Fox News Channel. He's now encouraged his viewers to quote, "Do your duty. Make more babies" because Hispanics are quote, "having more kids than others. You know what that means, 25 years and the majority of the population is Hispanic," unquote. John would have placed higher, but it's become obvious he no longer hears what he's saying, and besides which, the average age of his viewers is about 70, so this is only hypothetical eugenics.

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