Friday, May 19, 2006

RightWing Wackos: Savage and Robertson

Both from Media Matters...

Savage: "Jimmy Carter is like Hitler"
From the May 15 edition of Talk Radio Network's The Savage Nation:
SAVAGE: We are living through -- and I'm going to connect the dots for you rapidly -- a low-grade communist revolution in the United States of America. Let me explain. When Mao Zedong took over China, after a certain period of time, the doctors were taken out of the surgical wards and put into the laundries and made to do laundry. And the communists took the laundresses who were uneducated dolts and took them to the surgical rooms and said, "Perform surgery." When the young women who couldn't -- who before, were laundresses were told to perform surgery said, "But I don't know how to do it," they were shot as counterrevolutionaries.
What we have today as a result of affirmative action and unchecked illegal immigration is the equivalent of a socialist revolution in the United States of America, where intelligence itself is not only suspect, but intelligence itself will soon be declared racist and a trick of the white man. And so if your student works very hard -- your child works very hard and gets a straight-A average, you will hear the affirmative actioneers say, "Why, those grades mean nothing. Life experiences are what count." And the life-experience racket is how they've been able to push dummies ahead of the kid who gets straight A's.
That's how they can take submorons and make them the captain in police forces, while the white man, who gets, let's say, a 100 on a written test, is given a 50 on an oral test with an aggregate score of a 75. So a dummy who got a 50 on a written test can be given 150 with an extra grade for being not white and come up with an aggregate score of 100 and be made the white man's captain inside the police departments of the United States of America. Do you understand what I just said to you? Well, you do if you're a white man and you're in the police department.
They have a new racket. They don't call it affirmative action. The racket works like this: First, they give you a written test, which you can't cheat on. So if the white guy gets, let's say, a 98 or 100, they then give him what's called an oral exam. The oral exam is conducted preferably by a lesbian and a person of color who usually gives the white man a 30 or a 20 on the exam for not being properly communicating. [sic] Then, of course, if they get a minority in there who got a 30 or a 40 on the written exam, they give him a 100 or a 150 on the oral, and so the minority winds up with a higher aggregate score and he becomes the captain in the police department. That's called communism.
There is a hostile takeover of the United States of America by Mexico. Affirmative action is being used to purge our police departments of white males -- particularly heterosexual, Christian white males are being purged from state departments, state police departments, and from police departments. They are only putting in women -- particularly women who are not married, let's put it to you that way, in a nice delicate manner, unless they're married to a turkey baster, illegal aliens who have become citizens by nefarious means, and, of course, people of color. White males need not apply. This is all connected to the flood of illegal aliens swamping America.
From the May 16 edition of Talk Radio Network's The Savage Nation:
SAVAGE: Israel is the canary in the mine. Tell me that Israel is not committing national suicide.
SAVAGE: The rockets are flying in, Israel does nothing, doesn't lift a hand. Israel offers to give back 93 percent of the West Bank, and Jimmy Carter, the communist, anti-American, anti-Semitic bastard that he is, comes out and says, "Israel is evil for giving back 93 percent of the West Bank. They've got to give back 100 percent." That anti-Semitic bastard.
CALLER: Unfortunately, many of our senators are in the same --
SAVAGE: Jimmy Carter is a Jew-hater through and through. Jimmy Carter is who caused worldwide Islamic terrorism to proliferate around the globe. Jimmy Carter undermined the shah of Iran. Jimmy Carter encouraged [Ayatollah Ruhollah] Khomeini to come back from exile in Paris. As a result, Khomeini spread his Islamic poison around the globe. Jimmy Carter is a war criminal. Now, Jimmy Carter comes out and writes a letter today, and says that Israel, by giving back 93 percent of the West Bank, is being evil, it's the Jews again tricking the Palestinians. Jimmy Carter is like Hitler with the double talk on top of it all. I can't take this crap any more. Why is he even taken seriously? Why don't the Jews get up and spit in his face?

Robertson: "[I]f I heard the Lord right about 2006, the coasts of America will be lashed by storms"
From the May 8 edition of the Christian Broadcasting Network's The 700 Club:

LEE WEBB (anchor): Scientists warn that a Katrina-size hurricane would have a devastating impact on south Florida. Hurricane season, of course, begins June 1, and storm simulations from the National Hurricane Center suggest south Florida's location would make it hard to weather a monstrous storm. That's according to Knight Ridder newspapers. A Katrina-like storm could surge the deep swamps along the coastline through Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and beyond. Scientists also warn such a hurricane would shut off power for months in that region, and the winds could crush roofs, office buildings, and kill residents who refuse to evacuate high-rise condominiums. Hate to hear that. I was born and raised in that area, Pat, and I'm afraid they're right. The population there has grown dramatically in the last decade alone.
ROBERTSON: It has. And, you know, I go away at the end of each year to pray, and if I heard the Lord right about 2006, the coasts of America will be lashed by storms. I think we're going to see some really serious storms. And this warning from the storm center, one of the experts in Miami is just one of them. They're talking about storms up the East Coast, and there is a very real possibility of a tsunami or serious flooding and storming in the West Coast, as well. I am sure those in New Orleans are praying that such a thing has happened to them won't happen again. But one more hard hit without those levees being set up, and New Orleans may be part of history.

From the May 17 edition of The 700 Club:
ROBERTSON: Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have felt strongly that the coasts are going to be lashed by vicious hurricanes this year. Also, there may well be something as bad as a tsunami up in the Pacific Northwest. Certainly the eastern -- or, excuse me, the Pacific plates are -- looks like they're tearing apart. There are all kinds of evidences of earthquakes, volcanoes, et cetera, going on in the Pacific. Now, if that comes our way, it's going to be devastating. So we're positioning supplies in California. We've got supplies positioned in Florida. We'll have others, and, of course, we have a major presence in the Gulf right now. We're there because we feel the Lord wants us to help people. We feel it's our duty to help the poor and the needy. And so when you contribute $20 a month to The 700 Club, you are saying, "I care about people. I care about my neighbors, I care about my friends, I care about those who are suffering." We're sending out -- we have 60 or 70 trailers right now, which is a small fleet, but we've got a number. And we're delivering 2 million pounds of food into the inner cities of America every single week. So we're looking after the poor. And some of that fleet could either be expanded or diverted so that when we get into the Gulf area or someplace else that's hurt -- we have been in Florida helping those people that last round of hurricanes. We helped those -- major, major relief effort in the Gulf. Well, that's what you do when you join The 700 Club. And we're just asking people to help, to say, "Help us to help those less fortunate."

We live in a ridiculous country.

-Mr. Joseph

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