Monday, September 18, 2006

Bruce Willis is no Die-Hard for the GOP

From the New York Daily News...

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Things must be pretty dire for the Republicans if even Bruce Willis is bailing on them. The 51-year-old movie star seemed desperate to put daylight between himself and the GOP when I caught up with him the other night at a Milk Studios show of his pal Lucy Liu's oil paintings.

"Please write this," said Willis, who has voiced support for the war in Iraq and appeared at the White House with President Bush. "I'm always being accused of being a Hollywood Republican — but I'm not!"


But why was Demi Moore's ex — who's also always being accused of dating lovely young actresses — wearing a gold wedding band on his left ring-finger?

"This is the only place where it fits," Willis joked, explaining that the ring was a gift from eldest daughter, Rumer. "It's to remind us of the bond between us."

While partygoers bid on his "Lucky Number Slevin" co-star's artwork — with the proceeds going to UNICEF and the Ritz-Carlton Community Footprints Fund — Willis defended his bipartisan bona fides.

"I have just as many Democratic ideas as Republican ones," he insisted. "If they could build three fewer bombs every month and give the money to foster care, that would be great."

He said departing Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) has been trying to help get federal money for foster care, Willis' pet issue. "This is not something for the private sector to solve. This is a problem for the federal government."

As for disgraced former House Majority leader Tom DeLay, a foster-care ally who's facing criminal corruption charges, Willis joked: "He needs somebody to adopt him!"

Willis said he's a single guy, but that he'd consider adopting a child if he wasn't flying solo. "I would need somebody else in my life. I wouldn't want to just have a child and a nanny."

LINK: Bruce Willis is no Die-Hard for the GOP

Thank God, I like some of Bruce Willis' movies...

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