Friday, September 08, 2006

Savage advocated "militarization of our children" to respond to terror threat

Holy Christ. Savage is nuts. Thanks to Media Matters for this clip...

Anyway, here is the link and transcripts...

From the September 6 broadcast of Talk Radio Network's The Savage Nation:
SAVAGE: Now all of a sudden, Bush is hammering Islamofascism again. Well, OK, great. Well, why doesn't he tell the people it's real, they're here, they're liable to trigger them off, and I want you to understand that we may call upon you to defend yourselves? So I want every able-bodied man and woman who is licensed to carry a firearm or who knows how to use a weapon, I want you to organize in your neighborhood. We don't want you to commit violence, but we want you to learn how to create a homeland defense system in this country. What would be wrong with that vision, Jose?
CALLER: Nothing wrong with that vision. Our enemies right now are preparing for war every day. We live in America.
SAVAGE: Right.
CALLER: Why the hell do we --
SAVAGE: Right. We live in America, and we're teaching our sons how to kick a ball instead of how to fire a gun. Tell me who's gonna win. They're training their sons to use an AK-47, and we're teaching our sons how to swing a baseball bat. Tell me who wins that fight.
CALLER: You got it. And I --
SAVAGE: Thank you. I have nothing against baseball, but the times don't call for an obsession with sports. They call for a militarization of our children. And I've said this before.

AUDIO / LINK: Savage advocated "militarization of our children" to respond to terror threat

-Mr. Joseph

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