Saturday, November 11, 2006

Election Wrap-Up

The liberal blogosphere has been posting out of control about this election and I thought I would sit this one out. However, here are a few brief links that sum up the important parts.

LINK: CBSNews: Election Results

LINK: Media Matters Presents... Media election coverage Wall of Shame

But here are the top two stories as far as I'm concerned...

LINK: Crooks and Liars: Ladies & Gentlemen…The Next Speaker of the House

Wow, you can hear Matt Drudge grinding his teeth about that one!

LINK: Think Progress: BREAKING: Rumsfeld Will Step Down

That was icing on the cake!

I really hope the Democrats will productive with their new power. I wish them the best and I truly believe they will do what they can to fix the mistakes the Bush Administration has made.

However, I have some bad news. Unfortunately, there are new restrictions for websites at school, so my posting will decrease. However, you can rest assured it will stay busy around here.

Also, updated! I can post labels for each post! Check them out!


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