Friday, November 03, 2006

Funny Campaign Ads

Political Humor has made a great collection of the ads of the season. Check it out.

Here's a sampling of some of the funnier campaign ads from recent weeks, as well as a few parodies:

Talking to the Bush A clever left-wing campaign ad produced by the September Fund.

John Tester: Creating a Buzz Democrat Jon Tester's first television ad in his Senate campaign in Montana.

Kinky Friedman: Talking Action Figure An ad for Kinky Friedman, running as an Independent for Governor of Texas.

Harold Ford: Call Me An ad produced by the Republican National Committee attacking Democrat Harold Ford Jr., which critics denounced as racist.

Congressman: Call Me A clever spoof of the RNC's anti-Harold Ford ad.

Ken Mehlman: Call Me Another parody ad poking fun at the RNC’s anti-Harold Ford ad, produced by

Ned Lamont Has a Messy Desk Democratic Senate candidate Ned Lamont spoofs attack ads.

The Daily Show on 2006 Campaign Ads Jon Stewart looks at outrageous campaign ads, splices them all together, and presents the official 2006 Midterm Commercial.

Saturday Night Live's Glimpse Into Final Week of RNC Ads SNL takes a humorous look at what we can expect from the Republican National Committee in the final week of campaign ads. Animated cartoon by Robert Smigel.

LINK: Political Humor Presents... Funny Campaign Ads

Good stuff!

-Mr. Joseph

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