Monday, November 06, 2006

The Michael J. Fox Controversy

Since we here at Political Thunder had the opportunity to see Michael J. Fox give a speech in Wisconsin today, we figured we should give some context to the current controversy surrounding him.

Be sure to check back for pictures and story of the event soon.

Meanwhile, check out these links regarding Michael J. Fox controversy...

Original story...
LINK: Rush Limbaugh On the Offensive Against Ad With Michael J. Fox

Follow up...
LINK: Fox Responds To Limbaugh Claim That He’s ‘Cruel’ For Creating ‘False Hopes’ About Stem Cells

LINK: Michael J. Fox: ‘I Could Give a Damn About Rush Limbaugh’s Pity…I’m Not A Victim’

LINK: Limbaugh on Michael J. Fox: 'I Take Back None of What I Said'

LINK: Fox & Friends Anchor Perpetuates Myth That Michael J. Fox Was Acting

LINK: Laura Bush on Michael J. Fox: ‘It’s Always Easy To Manipulate People’s Feelings’

LINK: VIDEO: Michael J. Fox Responds To Limbaugh Smear (Also, at the event, he sarcastically referred to Rush Limbaugh as "compassionate conservative".)

LINK: Parkinson Foundation Debunks Limbaugh's False Smears of Michael J. Fox

See ya!
-Mr. Joseph