Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The “Democrat Plan To Diminish FOX News?”

I just thought Crooks and Liars did a great job putting this together.

This should be rich. After Barney Franks smack-down of Chris Wallace the other day, Ailes just can't resist the temptation to swing back. Maybe they'll address the increasing use (#10) of the term "Democrat Party" as tool to diminish the Democratic Party, too? Or the obvious FOX News practice of asking partisan & sandbagging questions of Democrats and sycophantic & ass-kissing questions of Republicans? Or the unprofessional attacks and smearing of Nancy Pelosi? Nah…they'll probably ignore those.

LINK: The “Democrat Plan To Diminish FOX News?”

UPDATE (2/6/07):
Another FNC Promo: The Only Cable News Net Without "The Usual Left-Wing Bias"

"Fair and Balanced"?
-Mr. Joseph

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