Wednesday, December 06, 2006

MSNBC, Malkin, Drudge, and C-SPAN caller smear Pres. Carter

From Think Progress...

During an interview, an anonymous C-SPAN viewer called former President Jimmy Carter “a bigot and a racist and an anti-Semite,” and accused him of “cozying up with every dictator, thug, Islamic terrorist there is.”

Video of the exchange is being promoted by several popular right-wing websites, including the Drudge Report and Michelle Malkin’s Hot Air.

Apparently, the rantings of this random C-SPAN viewer are considered “news.” MSNBC has already run two segments today on this irrelevant non-story, one titled “Carter Controversy” and another called, “Pres. Carter: Anti-Semetic?”

LINK: MSNBC Airs Multiple Segments On C-SPAN Caller Smearing President Carter

From Hot Air...
Carter went on to reject the charge “with enthusiasm” and a cheesy grin on his face.
Michelle Malkin is a bitch. Drudge had the decency not to make a comment.

The whole thing is disgusting. Jimmy Carter should be remembered as the most dignified U.S. President of recent times.

-Mr. Joseph

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