Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Rev. Robertson to step down!

Well, this is good news, I suppose...

USA Today reports...
Evangelist and political activist Pat Robertson is stepping down as chief executive officer of Christian Broadcasting Network and will be replaced by his son Gordon, the elder Robertson announced today.

Pat Robertson, 77, founded the network in 1960 and grew it into a national powerhouse, with cable and broadcast outlets across the country. He'll stay on as chairman.

"I thought that some of this day-to-day operation was important to pass down the line, especially to somebody a little more adept at figuring out the new technologies coming at such a bewildering speed to all of us," Pat Robertson said in his announcement on The 700 Club, which Gordon Robertson produces.
LINK: Pat Robertson stepping down as network CEO

The question is, will Gordon be as quite insane?

-Mr. Joseph

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