Friday, December 21, 2007

Tancredo drops out, endorses Romney

I'm not sure if Romney would even want this guy's endorsement. However, who remembers this priceless moment? Anyway, Tancredo will be remembered (briefly) by his ridiculous and offensive ad campaign.

ABC News...

Rep. Tom Tancredo announced Thursday he is dropping out of the race for the GOP presidential nomination and endorsing rival Mitt Romney.

Tancredo, a five-term congressman from Colorado, has consistently polled at the bottom of the nine-person Republican field. He based his campaign on fighting illegal immigration and has run television ads that link lax border control to terrorist attacks, rape and other crimes.

He announced his withdrawal in downtown Des Moines two weeks before Iowa begins the presidential nominating process with the state's precinct caucuses.
LINK: Tancredo Drops Bid for White House


LINK: Washington Post: Transcripts: Tancredo Announces Decision to Exit Presidential Race

Well, with Tommy Thompson, Brownback, Gilmore, and now Tancredo all out, this only leaves the five "frontrunners" (Guiliani, McCain, Romney, Fred Thompson, and Huckabee) and Ron Paul. And of course, Tancredo clone / Ann Coulter's pick: Duncan Hunter. Oh yeah, and resident crazy, Alan Keyes... But whatever happened to Michael Savage's run? His poll is still up on his website.

Ah, Tancredo dropped out before it was too late.

-Mr. Joseph


Mike said...

Man, those ads were hilarious.

Mr. Joseph said...

Oh, they are absolutely ridiculous. I love "Tancredo... before its too late."