Sunday, December 09, 2007

FOXSports' Howie Long rips Al Gore while discussing football

This is absolutely absurd. So the business channel, the humor show, and now, the sports section of the FOX empire are all blindingly partisan?

Crooks and Liars...

This morning on Fox NFL Sunday’s pregame show, co-host and former NFL player, Howie Long, decided it would be a good idea to insult Al Gore to make a point about sports. Not only is this moron’s statement wrong, it’s unprofessional and he should be called out for it. Why do people like Howie and Al Michaels feel the need to mix politics with sports? You can write to FOXSports and tell them what you think about Howie’s hackery.

Long:”…Mike Martz suffers from a rare form of the Al Gore syndrome, where Al still thinks he’s the president and Mike Martz still thinks he’s the head coach…”

*Note to Keith Olbermann - If you’re looking for someone for your Worst Person In The NFL segment tonight, I think Howie is your man…

LINK: FOXSports Turns into FOXNews - Howie Long Insults Al Gore

Here's the video from YouTube...

LINK: Howie Long pokes Al Gore

So this "buckethead" has the nerve to insult Gore about wanting to "still" wanting to be the President even though Gore was never President and he is not currently running (although, he did win once...)?

Now granted, Howie was a spectacular football player, and I am proud to own this football card of him...
...but, it ridiculous of him to attempt to insert a *very* poor politically charged joke into the world of football.

So, all this means is that his political career is the same as his movie career: lame.

Also, check out this video of Howie losing it on air at commentator Joe Buck.

LINK: Howie Long Goes NUTZ on pregame

-Mr. Joseph

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