Monday, February 26, 2007

Al Gore Wins Oscar


Think Progress...
Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth won the Academy Award for Best Documentary. Gore accepted the award, saying, “My fellow Americans, people all over the world — we need to solve the climate crisis. It’s not a political issue. It’s a moral issue. We have everything we need to get started with the possible exception of the will to act. That’s a renewable resource. Let’s renew it.”

Just as they blasted the Grammy-winning Dixie Chicks, conservatives are already claiming that An Inconvenient Truth won tonight simply because Hollywood agrees with Gore’s views.

The truth is, two years ago, global warming was still considered a fringe issue to many. Today, the debate is over — Americans overwhelmingly agree that the climate crisis exists and that we must act now to reverse it. An Inconvenient Truth had a profound impact on how Americans view the issue of global warming. Al Gore deserved this award.

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Congradulations, Al!
-Mr. Joseph

PS: What's up with this shit?

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