Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Savage for President?

Crooks and Liars noted the story, but NewsMax.com interviewed Mr. Weiner-Savage himself...


Michael Savage, the nation's third-most listened to radio talk-show host, says he may leave his top rated show to make a bid for the GOP nomination for president.

"I know it sounds bizarre but when you consider the people running for the presidency, none . . . seems to be qualified," Savage told NewsMax in an exclusive interview.

Savage, based at the San Francisco Bay area's KNEW station, began his syndicated "Savage Nation" show in 2000. Today his network, Talk Radio Network, boasts that Savage is heard on over 370 stations across the country by 8 million listeners a week. [Editor's Note: Do you want Michael Savage for President? Vote Here Now.]

The controversial radio host packs a powerful punch in his three-hour daily show and can spark national news. Savage was credited with bringing the Dubai Ports World deal to national attention. The deal would have turned over U.S. port operations to the Middle Eastern company. A public outrage ensued, forcing Dubai Ports World to scuttle their plan.

Savage has also parlayed his loyal base into four consecutive New York Times best sellers, including his latest "The Political Zoo" — a satirical criticism of both Republicans and Democrats.

Savage, with his loyal listenership, says he can play an important role in the Republican primaries, gain critical support, and add to the planned debates.

"I would think that somebody who's not a politician might be a viable candidate," Savage stated, stressing that he would focus his campaign on his mantra: "Borders, language, Culture

Back to Party Roots

Savage readily admits he has little chance of being elected.

Still, he's convinced he could help push the Republican Party back to its conservative roots.

"A non-politician who has a very large following, who is very conservative, and who believes in a simple message of borders, language, and culture has a great chance of electrifying the American people," Savage said, complaining the current flock of candidates are simply parroting "sound bytes."

Could such a run harm the Republican Party?

Savage doesn't think so, claiming the GOP has "virtually no chance of winning right now.

"They are all political apparatchiks," he continued. "They have never stood for borders, language or culture — not one of them. They have completely failed the conservatives who elected the Republicans during the Gingrich revolution."

Savage says he seriously sees a need for a candidate like himself, since the Democrats have veered sharply to the left precisely because of the "loud noises being made by the left wing in the party. Consequently even the mainstream Democrats move to the left on virtually every issue: the Iraq war, global warming, you name it."

Recalling the 2004 Democratic primaries, Savage said, "Guys like Kucinich and Sharpton, clearly unqualified for this job, were given equal time on the podium during the debates with the leading candidates such as Kerry and Gore."

Spark for the Fire

Meanwhile, Savage thinks there has been no real debate among Republicans.

"The dial has not been moved on the Republicans with somewhat socialist tendencies at all because there's been no debate. The Bush dynasty, the Bush machine, has literally wiped out any vestige of controversy for six years. They've eliminated it." If he gets in the race, Savage promised, he would spark plenty of debate.

"The debate must be moved to the people away from the politicians," he said. He said that if he runs he would expect to be included in any debates.

For the moment he remains cautious about running and leaving his lucrative radio show.

"I'm only exploring this," he said and will be testing public reaction to such a move.

"I could not continue to do my radio show. I've been told that once you've declared yourself a candidate and you're openly running, you have to give up your career in the media for obviously good reasons," Savage said.

Looking at the leading candidates now expected to seek the GOP nomination, Savage saw little to cheer about:

  • John McCain — "McCain . . . what does McCain stand for? He ran in the mantle of Barry Goldwater and then he completely humiliated that legacy by being a senator in the mold of a Rockefeller Republican rather than showing any tinges of Goldwater conservatism."
  • Rudy Giuliani — "He has not got a ghost of a chance to be president. He's for Giuliani and no one else. He's too liberal; favoring gay marriage, for example, and he made New York City an asylum city for illegal aliens. He has no conservative credentials."

  • Mitt Romney — "I don't know the man but his policies seem to be all over the map."
  • Newt Gingrich — "He is intellectually brilliant, but I think . . . he's unelectable because he has too much history." On the issues, Savage was equally blunt. "There is only one major issue," he said. "It's interconnected to the border. The border and the war on terror are interrelated. Bush cannot have it both ways. He cannot say he's fighting the war on terror over there and leaving the door to Mexico off its hinges over here. It doesn't make sense."

    As for the war in Iraq, Savage says our troops are fighting with handcuffs.

    "You can't fight a war with rules of engagement that are the rules of engagement of a state trooper in the United States."

    Savage insisted, "This war cannot be won without a new strategy. They're putting more men into the meat grinder. There is only one way to resolve this. Use the techniques that have been used in all previous modern wars. Use air power to decimate the enemy in his stronghold — the Sunni triangle, and the area where the Mahdi army is — Sadr city, and then send tanks in with the men behind the tanks to mop up. You do not send boys in, alley-by-alley in hand-to-hand combat unless you are an incompetent sob."

    Savage Savage

    On the now red hot issue of global warming, Savage was equally savage. "It is the biggest hoax of out lifetimes," he charged. "It is being promulgated by people who want to control the industrialized West without firing a shot." He explained that he is the only radio host "with an actual Ph.D. in a real science from a great university."

    He says the scientific evidence "indicates that there is global warming but it's a natural cycle that occurs about every 1,500 years and that mankind has almost nothing to do with it."

    How, he asked, could previous ice ages have ended without global warming, which in each case occurred without mankind creating greenhouse gases with the use of fossil fuels.

    "What caused the ice ages to recede?" he asked. "Man did not industrialize the earth until the 19th century."

    The earth, he explained, "warmed through natural phenomena — through sunflares, underwater volcanic activity warming the oceans, for example. "It is the biggest hoax of out lifetimes," Savage continued, "For liberals, global warming is their religion, they believe in the hype, and if you do not agree, you are a bad person much like how communists treated non-party members.

  • LINK: Michael Savage Mulls Presidential Run


    I'm fully supporting Michael Weiner's bid for the White House if he makes that most difficult choice.

    Michael Savage, the nation's third-most listened to radio talk-show host, says he may leave his top rated show to make a bid for the GOP nomination for president.

    "I know it sounds bizarre but when you consider the people running for the presidency, none . . . seems to be qualified," Savage told NewsMax in an exclusive interview

    LINK: Michael Savage for President!

    PT Presents... Reasons why he would not win

    -Mr. Joseph

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