Thursday, February 01, 2007

Don Imus vs. Bill O'Reilly

Another O'Reilly bit from Crooks and Liars...

Imus: Here's what a disgrace O'Reilly is. Olbermann can't kill him enough. Here's what O'Reilly's doing. You are not going to believe this. This sonofabitch actually went on that falafel thing of his and he said—–if you'll buy a copy of his book—for every copy of his stupid book, he'll send a copy to a soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan. I mean I don't know where to start. That's his contribution to the men and women who are fighting and dying in this idiotic war for this country.

Limbaugh tried a similar trick of trying to make money off the troops with his "Adopt a soldier" scam.

VIDEO / LINK: Imus calls O’Reilly a “Sonofabitch”

Imus is a wingbat, but I like him.
-Mr. Joseph

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