Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Olbermann vs. Beck

This is a feud just waiting to happen! Think Progress documented the opening round...

Olbermann (via RollingStone) on CNN's Glenn Beck:
A wolf in sheep’s clothing. The very dangerously bigoted guy who is selling himself as a pragmatic philosopher. I don’t think he sees his own bigotry. There’s something about him that suggests that, one night, he’ll say something that will cost him his career in television.

Beck (via his own TV Show):
Hey, Keith, you’re not saving the world’s democracy; you’re killing it, my friend, by trying to limit the marketplace of ideas to only those that reflect your own.
LINK: Glenn Beck Claims Olbermann Is ‘Killing…The World’s Democracy,’ ‘Smacks Of…McCarthyism’

-Mr. Joseph

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