Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jon Stewart rips into Nancy Grace

The guys at the Daily Show are brilliant. The segment that ran regarding how brutal Nancy Grace has been regarding the Duke LaCrosse scandal is very hard-hitting. I can't stand Nancy Grace's ruthless, unintelligent, accusitory behavior. So, I was very happy to see this video.

"Now, I know she seems nice."

It is quite funny.
Here's the video via YouTube...

LINK: Nancy Grace gets ripped by Jon Stewart

Crooks and Liars also has the video and more...

Also, for more on Nancy Grace, check out the book, Bloodthirsty Bitches and Pious Pimps of Power: The Rise and Risks of the New Conservative Hate Culture . I believe the first chapter is dedicated to her (she's also on the cover!).

Here's an (very) small article from The Onion, that slams her...

-Mr. Joseph

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