Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tommy Thompson: Jews have a ‘tradition’ of ‘earning money.’

He sure makes us Wisconsinites proud...

Think Progress...
“I’m in the private sector and for the first time in my life I’m earning money. You know that’s sort of part of the Jewish tradition and I do not find anything wrong with that,” said former Wisconsin governor and presidential candidate Tommy Thompson while speaking to a group of Jewish activists. He later apologized after the audience reacted negatively, saying that he actually meant it as a compliment. Atrios responds HERE.
LINK: Thompson: Jews have a ‘tradition’ of ‘earning money.’

The Politico noted his apology...
Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson said today that fatigue and a persistent cold were to blame for his comment yesterday to a group of Reform Jews that earning money is "part of the Jewish tradition."

"I was tired, I made a mistake and I apologized," Thompson told a group of Politico reporters and editors in an interview.

"Have you ever made a mistake?," a testy Thompson demanded of this reporter.

Thompson also noted that he had received an award from the Anti-Defamation League and traveled to Israel last year to accept a "Friend of Zion" award from former Prime Ministers Benjamin Netanyahu and Shimon Peres.
LINK: T. Thompson Apologizes For Jewish Remark

I can't believe he is running for President...
-Mr. Joseph

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